Hespe to NJEA members: “Data is our friend”

In his introduction at the 2014 NJEA Convention, NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer described New Jersey’s Acting Commissioner of Education David Hespe as a breath of fresh air, noting that the commissioner has been meeting and working with NJEA leadership. Learn more about what was discussed during his presentation, and watch the video here. Read More

December 2014


NJEA Executive Committee Meeting

January 2015


NJEA Priority Schools Winter Conference


NJEA Executive Committee Meeting/CPC


NJEA Delegate Assembly Meeting


Commission Impossible?

On The TableAfter sitting on the assignment for four months, Governor Christie finally appointed the 9-member Commission on the Use of Student Assessments in New Jersey, leaving it with a scant 7 weeks – including the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks – to issue a preliminary report. Whether it will be possible for the commission to hold public hearings, take and digest expert testimony and research, and actually issue a report that fulfills its mission is uncertain.  There’s certainly a lot of skepticism among the education community. Read More


It's time for action to match rhetoric
At its Oct. 7 meeting, the Bloomfield Board of Education took a stand on the side of parents when it comes to state-mandated standardized testing. Bloomfield’s explicit policy for parents wishing to have their children opt out of state testing is a rarity in New Jersey. The state does not have an opt-out policy, so individual districts are left to their own devices, which can leave parents confused. Read More

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Wendell Steinhauer
On Veterans Day, NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer was honored as the Man of the Year by The GI GO Fund at their annual gala at the Newark Club. The GI GO Fund is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides assistance to all military veterans, with a focus on veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, by helping them find employment, access housing, and secure their educational and health benefits. NJEA is a major supporter of The GI GO Fund through a direct donation from the Association and an annual NJEA staff fundraiser.


Trenton Thunder School Heroes
School heroes honored by NJEA, Thunder

True heroes don’t wear capes or possess superpowers. True heroes make a difference in the lives of children. That’s why NJEA and the Trenton Thunder teamed up to honor some students and their school heroes. Read More

Lisa Gaudio
NJEA members win EIRC gifted education award
The Educational Information and Resource Center (EIRC) is pleased to announce the winners for this year’s “Take the Lead” Award: Lisa Gaudio from Lakeside Middle School of Millville Public Schools and Fran Cohen of Hoboken Public Schools. Read More


Rutgers Athletics would like to invite all teachers and their families out to the men's basketball game against Penn State on Saturday, Jan. 3. Learn how to get your discounted tickets.

Michael & Olive Giles

NJEA and BEN-FM have partnered to educate the public about the important role Educational Support Professionals play in our schools and in our communities. Each month, BEN-FM features an NJEA ESP member in a 60-second radio ad talking about the contributions they make in their students’ education. Read More


Deciphering the code
Think understanding computer technology is just about learning how to use Word and Excel?  Think again!  These days, students are being taught coding, the language of computer science, to add to their 21st century skill set.  In fact, it’s estimated that one in every 10 schools in New Jersey now offers classes in coding for students at all grade levels. Read about how some NJEA members and their students caught the attention of Inside Jersey magazine and learn how their classrooms are joining the coding movement.

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ClassWish.org is a nonprofit organization that lets anybody make tax-deductible contributions to fund any resources for any school or any teacher in the country. Teachers, administrators and officers of teacher-parent organizations can create a Wish List of the resources their students need to succeed, and supporters can contribute toward school-wide needs at any K-12 school or towards specific teacher needs. More On-the-Web resources

Pasi Sahlberg calls equity key to student achievement

Pasi Sahlberg
Finnish educator and scholar Pasi Sahlberg said that Finns were as surprised as anyone to learn that their students were Number 1 in performance on the standardized assessment most commonly used to compare student academic achievement across the industrialized world. In fact, they initially doubted the results. Read More


Interested in presenting at the 2015 NJEA Convention?

High Tech Hall
The Professional Development and Instructional Issues division of NJEA is now accepting presenter proposals for the 2015 NJEA Convention (Nov. 5-6, 2015). All proposals to present at the NJEA Convention and at High Tech Hall must be submitted electronically by Feb. 1. Read More


Members stand strong for public education at 160th annual NJEA Convention

NJEA Convention 2014
Some came to the NJEA Convention for the over 300 professional development workshops and programs that are the hallmark of the largest gathering of educators in the world—tens of thousands of them. Others came for High Tech Hall, for the plenary sessions with world-class speakers, or to consult with publishers, authors and accomplished educators. Still others came to share ideas and strategies with their colleagues from across the state. Read More


NJEA statement on Christie’s testing commission

NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer issued the following statement in response to Governor Christie’s announcement this afternoon of his appointees to the Study Commission on the Use of Student Assessments in New Jersey: "The concerns that led to the creation of this commission first surfaced a year ago with the initial PARCC pilot programs, and those concerns are paramount to the parents of New Jersey." Read More


Three-quarters of NJEA PAC-endorsed federal candidates win elections

Local endorsement produce big results

With 56% of the vote, US Senator Cory Booker easily won re-election over his opponent, Jeff Bell. While the party balance of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation remains unchanged at 6-6, three new faces will join them in Washington in January. Read More


Steinhauer on TIME tenure story:

Misguided, poorly reported and negligent

Rotten Apples
NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer released the following statement in response to the Nov. 3, 2014, cover story in TIME regarding teacher tenure: “TIME’s misguided and poorly-reported cover article attacking due process for educators deserves the scorn it has received from educators and those who understand what tenure really is. Read More


Human Rights Celebration

2014 Human Rights Celebration
NJEA’s premier black-tie event, the Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Celebration, will take place on Saturday, Jan. 17 at the Hilton East Brunswick. Register by Dec. 1. Read More


NEA praises NJEA’s Healthy Schools Now Coalition/Campaign

Thomas Hardy & Marie Blistan
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then NJEA received a big compliment from the National Education Association (NEA). Read More


Camden County College support staff holds soup kitchen protest at freeholder meeting

The 47 members of the Camden County College Support Staff Association (CCSSA) who were fired with one day’s notice in June held a protest at the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders meeting in Pennsauken on Oct. 16. Read More


NJEA testifies on charter bill

Call for study commission, temporary hold on new charter schools

Wendell Steinhauer
NJEA president Wendell Steinhauer testified before the Senate Education Committee on S-2319, a bill that would make changes to New Jersey’s existing charter school law.  While he thanked the committee for taking the issue seriously and highlighted some good elements of the bill, he also urged them to go further. Read More


Can your district require tiered SGOs?

Is a district required by the N.J. Department of Education (NJDOE) to tier student growth objectives? The answer is no. But can a district require its staff to tier SGOs anyway? The answer appears to be yes. Read More


Join the "In Crowd"

Join the "daytime face" of NJEA - the New Jersey Retirees' Education Association (NJREA).

Evaluation Resources


This spring NJREA members will elect officers, NJEA Delegate Assembly (DA) members, and NJEA DA alternates. In addition, members will elect delegates to the NEA-Retired Conference and NEA Representative Assembly (RA). Sign in for regulations, guidelines and nominating petitions. Read More


NJ Forum
The 2014 New Jersey Forum, to be held at Kean University Nov. 21-22, is part of a year-long celebration that will highlight the Garden State’s characteristics of liberty, diversity, and innovation. Read More

Flyers Teacher Appreciation Nights

Kids in Concert 2014

NEA members get 20% off and free shipping on orders of $25 or more when using the promo code NEAMB at smilemakers.com.  Now is a great time to order for the fall season.


NJ teachers are Youth Art Month Award winners
Two NJ art educators have been selected by the Council for Art Education as recipients of the Claire Flanagan Memorial (Grand) Award, one of the 2014 Youth Art Month Awards. Based on submissions from participating states, The Council for Art Education Board of Directors voted to recognize Patricia Branche, South River Education Association member and Teri Trumpbour, a member of the Manasquan Education Association, among the Youth Art Month Chairpersons for outstanding participation in their states’ 2013/2014 Youth Art Month Program.

Read More


Classroom Close-Up, NJ

NJEA’s television show is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Visit the website to learn more about the Emmy-winning, 30-minute weekly series that focuses on the great things happening in New Jersey's public school. Visit the video library to see thousands of stories that have aired over the past two decades.

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Your NJEA membership card is your ticket to discounts on merchandise, insurance, entertainment, travel, and personal legal services.



Study shows weak correlation between student test scores and teacher performance
Sometimes who pays for a study is as telling as the results of the study.The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the research that generated the report, “Instructional Alignment as a Measure of Teaching Quality.” The researchers also used data from the Foundation’s Measures of Effective Teaching study to perform their work. Given the Gates Foundation’s support for using student test data to evaluate teachers, it’s interesting to note that this study concluded that how students perform on state assessments is only weakly connected to instructional content or quality.

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